Tacoma through the proper lens


Whether it’s 1884 or 2019, Tacoma has always been a beautiful place. Just like any other city, it has seen its fair share of challenges and growth. However, we think it is important that you see “The City of Destiny” through the proper lens. There are too many gems in this city that if you’re just driving by, you’re going to miss it. So to make sure you see Tacoma in all its beauty, browse the photos below...you will not be disappointed.



As a first time home buyer, the buying process can seem super overwhelming! It’s a big deal and if not managed correctly, it can create some anxiety! We get it, but here’s the thing—we deal with the hard stuff and try to make your experience as smooth as possible. So when you’re ready to buy a home, these are going to be your first 3 steps! Trust me, there are more steps that follow, but let’s start here! We can discuss the rest of the details over a coffee or cocktail :)


Step 1: Speak with a Lender

Speaking with a Lender in the very beginning is super helpful. As you are looking at homes, you want to make sure you can afford those homes you’re looking at! The Lender will be able to approve you for a certain amount, which will give you a base point to create a comfortable budget. Now you can spend your time searching for homes you know you can afford!


Step 2: Hunt for your home

The hunt begins! We will set you up with a search via the MLS (feel free to use any other platform you’d like), and make sure you are seeing any home that fits within your price bracket and area search. Once a home pops up that you like, either we can set up an appointment, or if you’re too busy with life/work, we can do a video preview and send it your way! The search can be brutal, but if we keep our eyes on the prize, I’m sure we’ll find what you’re looking for!


step 3: submitting an offer

Take a deep breath, grab a drink, everything is ok! Submitting an offer isn’t as scary as it seems! Depending on the terms, we are essentially asking for an opportunity to do a full inspection of the home to see if we’d like to move forward with the purchase. Meaning, if the Seller accepts, then we move forward into the inspection process. If we decide the inspection is unsatisfactory, then we can rescind our offer and keep looking with ZERO risk to your wallet.



“On January 7, 1884, the separate incorporated towns of Tacoma City and New Tacoma merge to become a single city, in accordance with a law passed by the territorial legislature the previous November." (City Of Tacoma Economic Development Department)

Now we celebrate this date as Tacoma’s birthday! We also want to do our best to spread the word that 1884 was a big year for Tacoma! We partnered with UXCTACOMA to help bring 1884 back to life! Our goal is to be a resource for you as your Realtor, but also as your personal Tacoma Guide!